• Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero on Wednesday night sparked a firestorm on social media after describing some of his rivals in the City gubernatorial race as “Cougars” and “Ben 10s”.

    Governor Kidero, who was appearing on Citizen TV’s Jeff Koinange Live (JKL) show was asked by the show host – Jeff Koinange – whether he was scared of the competition posed by some of the aspirants.

    In response, Kidero stated: “Nairobi is a serious city. It cannot be managed by ‘cougars’ and ‘Ben 10s’ ”.

    The Cougar and Ben 10 remark sparked mixed reactions as online users debated who in the Governor’s race had been labelled with the rather demeaning titles.

    After continuous pressing to disclose who is the Ben 10 and Cougar, Kidero decided to give a vague explanation stating: “Let’s just tell everyone that Nairobians will elect someone with the interest of Nairobi at heart, someone who is honest, has integrity and who ascribes to Christian values”.

    “There are a lot of things happening in this city that I don’t ascribe to, like the Bentening Cougaring and sponsoring,” the City boss stated urging the show host to move away from that topic.

    At some point, Koinange asked Kidero whether he could beat aspiring Nairobi Governor Miguna Miguna and in a seemingly sarcastic response, Kidero responded by saying: “Does he have a voter’s card?”

    The Nairobi Governor went further to disparage Miguna by stating that the Constitution requires a person aspiring elective positions to be of sound mind and must not be bankrupt.

    In a quick rejoinder, Miguna who was clearly watching the show tweeted: “When your opponent has nothing against you but to claim that you’ve no money or a voter’s card (the Birthers on @BarackObama) you have won”.

    When asked whether he was scared of Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko’s political influence in the City, a seemingly puffed up Kidero responded by stating that he (Sonko) does not even know the name of the current UN Secretary-General, hence, he cannot be worried about him.

    All in all, Governor Kidero maintained that he had achieved various achievements since he was elected, adding that he would win the upcoming polls.

    Here are reactions from online users:

    Video of Kidero on JKL courtesy of Citizen TV:


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