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Mike Mulwa Ngangi, the Kenyan entrepreneur  who was killed by robbers in Birmingham, Alabama, over the weekend, had been robbed at gun point the previous day and warned not to call the police,  Kenya Satellite Network can now reveal.

Mulwa, popularly known as Mike 254, a USA based entrepreneur of 254 clothing, succumbed to a gunshot wound after he was shot by armed robbers at a  gas station on Saturday night.

Eye witnesses told the police that the Citgo gas station where Mulwa worked was a frequent target for robbers.

“The place is like a robbers play field. They hover around here all the time,” a witness who said he was a regular customer at the station but who did not wish to be named told this reporter.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that Mulwa was a witness to a shooting at the same gas station in December of last year. He spoke to WVTM 13, a local TV station, about his friend being shot in the back just two weeks after arriving in the U.S. from Kenya in search of a better life.

Then, Mulwa said it was confusing for someone to run away from terror groups in Kenya only to witness such robberies in the land of the free.

“Coz we run from stuff like that and then when you get here, this happens. You get confused. You wonder know…what is happening, it is crazy,” he told WVTN13.

Watch the video here courtesy of WVTN13

Jeff Eliasoph, a WVTM13 reporter, spoke to the owner of the gas station and friends of Mulwa. Details will be posted here shortly.

Below is a photo of the owner of the Citgo gas station.

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Store owner Joey Moore grieves for Mike his clerk shot and killed at the store Saturday. The store was closed  for at least a day in honor of Mike.

Police say there was a holdup that ended with Mike being shot. He died in the wee hours of Sunday Morning.

Meanwhile, a friend to Mulwa and a business associate has disclosed that the deceased had been robbed on the previous night and warned never to call the police, reports  Awmagazine, a publication serving Kenyans in the Diaspora.

“It is now emerging that the robbery that would put a stop at Mike’s promising life was not the first that he had to deal with. According to his close friend and business partner Kelly Ochieng, Mike called him on Saturday morning and told him he had been robbed at gun point the previous night (Friday), and that the robbers warned him not to call or inform cops,” wrote the Magazine on Monday.

Mike Mulwa. He died on Sunday morning after being shot by robbers at a gas station in Birmingham, Alabama. PHOTO|COURTESY


The Magazine quotes a Facebook post on Kelly’s  timeline “that also captures what would be Mike’s recorded interactions with his friend(s).”

Kelly further notes that Mike was growing weary of the never ending robberies.

According to Alabama News, the shooting followed a holdup at the store where Mike Worked. He was taken to University of Alabama  Hospital (Trauma Center) where he underwent surgery but died at about 4:30 a.m. Sunday.

Sgt. Shelton further said it appears robbery was the motive, adding: “Investigators are sure an altercation took place inside the location, and at some point the victim was shot.”

This is Birmingham’s 44th homicide this year, and the 63rd in all of Jefferson County. Of the 44 Birmingham homicides, at least four have been ruled justifiable and therefore aren’t deemed criminal by the department.

Reports indicate that when Mulwa was shot, he called a friend and told him that he had been shot and asked that friend to call 911.

He was a resident of Acworth, Georgia. He was the son to Violent Mueni and Councillor Ngangi who both live in Kenya and leaves behind a brother Vincent Mutuku.

He has cousins living in the U.S. who Erik Sukulu in California, Lilian Musyoki in Tennessee and Eunice Munyiva, in Georgia.

Mulwa has left behind his wife, two children and his wife is expecting a third child.

“If only that senseless killer knew him, he could not have pulled the trigger,” his cousing Sukulu told “If only he knew he just had a baby and another on the way, he could not have robbed them of their father.”

Jambonewspot reported that Kenyans on social media expressed their sorrow after the news broke.

Many mostly in the entertainment scene recalled the times they had spent together and many recalled the last time they were with him in Dallas Texas during the memorial weekend.

Mulwa died following an altercation on Saturday night at Citgo  petrol station located on 9800 block of Parkway East in the City of Birmingham.

A statement released by local police stated that officers responded to an emergency call at around 11.30 pm Saturday and found two people trying to resuscitate the victim.

“Mulwa was rushed to the University of Alabama trauma hospital where he underwent surgery but died from the gunshot wound at 4.30 a.m. on Sunday,” read part of the statement.

Investigators believe robbery was the motive.

The gas station at which Mulwa was shot dead. PHOTO|COURTESY

By Monday evening, detectives were still investigating the incident and asked anyone with any information on the shooting to call the police.

“Investigators are sure an altercation took place inside the location and at some point the victim was shot,’’ said Sgt. Bryan Shelton, the lead detective.

“People should be able to go to work and return home without being the victim of a crime. Our investigators will work hard to bring this family answers and bring the killer to justice,” added Shelton.

A family member told the Nation that Mulwa was the founder of #254 clothes label and the proprietor of #254 skillwear fashion brand.

The Kenyan community in Atlanta was shocked by the news of Mulwa’s death.

“His wife, who is expectant with their third child, is in disbelief and is totally saddened by the news,” said  Chege Maina, a close family friend.

By Monday evening, detectives were still piecing together evidence from the scene of crime, including reviewing footage from security cameras.

Mr Mulwa lived in Atlanta but worked in Alabama, according to family members.

Family members told a local TV station that he had called a friend to say he had been shot and asked that friend to call 911.

His parents, mother, Violent Mueni, and father, Councillor Ngangi, live in Kenya, as well as his only surviving brother, Vincent Mutuku.

His cousins living in the U.S. include Erik Sukulu in California, Lilian Musyoki in Tennessee and Eunice Munyiva, in Georgia. All of his other cousins and family remain in Kenya.

He moved to the U.S. in 2008, and worked in various department stores in Atlanta before landing a job with Shaw Industries.

“His ambition and thirst for success led him to open a cultural clothing line, “254,” and he traversed the country selling his merchandise to his Kenyan-American target market during major sporting events,” Sukulu said.

“He was an outstanding citizen who knew that the path to success is a treacherous one but, step by step, one can get there through hard work and commitment.”

His family described him as soft-spoken and kind – a man of the people. “His smile was contagious. He always lit up the room with his smaile,” his cousin said.

“His demise is one that has sent waves through the Kenyan-American community.”

.He leaves behind a wife, two children and an unborn baby.

He worshiped at  Kenyan American Community Church (KACC) and played volleyball representing Acwuorth District during the Summer tournaments.

In Kenya, The Star Newspaper  reported that condolences were streaming in for a fallen humbe hero, Mike Mulwa Ngangi.

Condolences shared include:

DJ Steve Junior: Mike Mulwa! Unbelievable.. humble brother from Atlanta. Oh, no way !!!!!..
R.I.P my brother Mike.

Christine: Mike Mulwa I was just with you last week! I had no idea it would be the last time I would see you. We were supposed to work together on your clothing line! Rest In Peace, my friend. Life is too short.

Eunice: Rest in peace dear cousin Mike Mulwa we still can’t get it right but we leave everything to God. I can’t forget how we talked n laughed on Tuesday and how you told me you are organising a family get-together. You were a hero to our family and we will miss. So long cousin. We love you.

Tony: When everybody else was pursuing what the norm is, you dared to be different and be your own person. Mike Mulwa man, I told you, you inspired me to do what I do now and I will forever be grateful for that. This still doesn’t feel real but all I can say thank you for being who you were and always motivating us to strive for more. Love you, bro. May You Rest In Peace.


Authorities are requesting anyone with information that could lead to the capture of the assailant to call Birmingham police at 205-254-7777 or Crime Stoppers at 205-254-7777.


Family and Friends are gathering at his residence in Acworth, GA

4940 Pinehurst Circle, unit A, Acworth GA 30101

A memorial service has been scheduled for this Sunday June 11th, at the Kenyan American Community Church in Marietta, Georgia beginning at 11 am.

More details will be communicated as they become available.


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