• Ugandan butchers are using chemical preservatives to make meat look fresh and juicy.
  • The main chemicals discovered in this new business fiddle are formalin used to preserve corpses and Sodium Metabisulphite used to redden meat.
  • The chemicals present health risks that cause damage to the body, induce cancer and respiratory problems



Ugandans were left in shock following a report made on January 4, which exposed how butchers were using preservatives for dead corpses, to make meat products look fresh and deceptively ready for consumption.

The chemicals once ingested could cause harmful health effects such as induce cancer and respiratory illnesses.

According to local reports, the investigations conducted by Uganda’s New Vision, revealed a disturbing trend of butchers using unregulated preservatives and chemicals to make foodstuffs look deceptively fresh.

Investigations discovered that the practice was made possible due to the laidback approach of regulation bodies and authorities in Uganda.

Three bodies were pointed out by new vision, Kampala Capital city authority (KCAA), the Health and Agricultural Ministry and the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS).

It was revealed that 7 out of 9 Samples collected from local butcheries in Bweyogerere trading center, tested positive for chemicals and indicated that butcheries were using formalin to preserve meat and keep flies away.

Formalin is a colorless chemical used for embalming human corpses and to dry the skin, such as in treatment of warts.

Traces of Sodium Metabisulphite, a chemical readily obtainable in local chemists, was also used by some food vendors and butcheries to redden meat and maintain a deceptive look of freshness.

Thousands of lives are suspected to be at risk at a time when fake products that are chemically induced have rocked the East Africa market.


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