The United States on Tuesday congratulated President Uhuru Kenyatta but noted it was troubled by violent protests in Kenya.

Last week IEBC announced Uhuru won a second term by 8,203,290 votes against his rival Raila Odinga who got 6,762,224.

But Raila, the veteran opposition leader, insists those results are fake and that he won the elections.

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Protests erupted in a few of Raila’s strongholds in Nairobi and Kisumu following Uhuru’s win.

A 10-year-old girl was among people shot dead as protests intensified in Mathare, Kibera and parts of Nyanza region on Saturday.

Many Kenyans fear that demonstrations could provoke a repeat of the bloodshed that followed 2007’s disputed vote and claimed around 1,200 lives.

“We are troubled by reports that some demonstrations have turned violent, and call on all Kenyans to reject violence and resolve disputes in accordance with the Constitution,” the White House said.

In a statement on Tuesday, the press secretary welcomed calls by Uhuru for peace and national unity.

Uhuru has asked NASA leaders to seek legal redress over the election and urged police to restrain themselves while dealing with demonstrators.

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“This historic election is an important step forward, and we urge all Kenyans to unite in peace to continue building their country,” White House said.

The US said it will continue to partner with Kenya to secure a prosperous and peaceful future.

“We commend the dedication of candidates, officials, and the public to upholding a peaceful, fair, and transparent contest, and we welcome the statements by international and domestic observer missions affirming the credibility of the election,” they said.

Uhuru reached out to Raila for an inclusive government saying he is ready to work with the Opposition, in a new government that will bring all Kenyans together.

-The Star

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