VIDEO: Shock as man plays guitar while doctors perform brain surgery on him

6 months ago Dunia Times Reporter 0
An Indian musician played the guitar on the operating table to help doctors treat involuntary muscle spasms in his fingers. Abhishek Prasad was asked to play every time doctors “burnt” a circuit in his brain to treat what is commonly known as “musician’s dystonia”. The condition causes painful spasms, twisting and repetitive movements or abnormal Read More

VIDEO: Family abandons house infested with hundreds of snakes in US

9 months ago Dunia Times Reporter 0
BY BMJ MURIITHI The five-bedroom house sits on pastoral acreage in the rural U.S. countryside. At a price less than $180,000, it seemed a steal. But a bargain it wasn’t. Ben and Amber Sessions soon realized the dream home they’d purchased in Idaho for their growing family in 2009 was infested with hundreds upon hundreds Read More
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