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Australian High Court declares Kenyan-born lawyer Lucy Gichuhi new Senator

9 months ago Dunia Times Reporter 0
  The Australian High Court has cleared citizenship hurdles pitting the legitimacy of Lucy Gichuhi’s senate win.The court confirmed the Kenyan-born lawyer’s citizenship, therefore, ending the debacle on the validity of her election.Gichuhi was to replace Bob Day in the Senate but there were claims that she had dual citizenship.The lawyer moved to Australia in 1999 Read More

VIDEO: Kenyan born lawyer wins seat in Australian Senate

9 months ago Dunia Times Reporter 0
A Kenya-born woman has moved closer to becoming a senator in Australia after a vote recount ordered by a court went in her favour, Australia’s state broadcaster reports. Lucy Gichuhi won the recount conducted on the orders of an Australian High Court in its April 5 verdict. Now all she needs is an official declaration Read More
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