It has been described as the most incendiary and tribalistically divisive statement yet in this election cycle. And now some Kenyans are calling for the immediate arrest of NASA presidential candidate.

Raila Amolo Odinga is recorded on tape calling on the Maasai Community not to sell their land to other people ‘ambao wanavamia na kuvamia.”

“Si wabaki huko kwao,” he says, and promises that come August 8th, that will change.

Many are now wondering where the Ole Kaparo led anti-hate commission is and whether they even have the wherewithal to take any action against politicians of Raila’s caliber or whether they only deal with the “small fish.”

Kenyans on Twitter are reacting. Jonoo says: Now, if that is not hate speech, I don’t know what is.

Acheptoo writes: Rao afungwe na funguo ya hiyo jela itupwe ili tupate amani.

Jean Adhiambo writes: Raila yawa! When will we ever learn? Have you so soon forgotten what led us to the massacre of 2007? Is your populist statement worth the trouble it may cause?

Moseskamau says: Kaparo hawezi guza Raila. Tunajua hiyo.

But did Raila actually pit tribe against another in his statement to the Maa community?

Watch the video below and be the judge:


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