• Kenyans have shared their aspirations for the New Year with a poll showing only 2% plan to get married or buy a car.
  • The Ipsos poll also showed that most Kenyans are troubled with the high cost of living and prevailing drought



A new opinion poll by pollster Ipsos has revealed a number of things Kenyans want to achieve before the end of the New Year 2018.

The poll released on Sunday, January 7, was conducted between December 20 and 22, 2017 and 1007 respondents were interviewed.

According to the poll, marriage and buying a car are the least of things Kenyans wants to achieve. Only 2% of the respondents want to get married and another 2% wants to acquire a car. This means the two are the lowest in the priority list of most Kenyans, especially those yet to walk down the marriage road.

On changing current job and/or getting a promotion in current job, 3% of Kenyans are eyeing this. Only 2% of them also plan to get married in 2018


New opinion poll - Few Kenyans want to get married this year.
New opinion poll – Few Kenyans want to get married this year.


5% of those interviewed want to buy a piece of land, something that has become a major motivation among Kenyans in the recent past, while another 5% wants to develop a closer personal relationship with their the Holy book warns, end times are nigh.

The poll also indicated that 6% of those interviewed said they look forward to improving their physical conditions while another 6% is determined to educate their families.

At least 12% of the respondents are determined to further their education by either getting degrees, masters or PhD. The poll further revealed that 13% of Kenyans are determined to either start and/or expand their business while 15% of the respondents are optimistic of landing a job.

Those determined to build or buy a new house are 16% with the largest percentage of Kenyans (17%) interviewed saying they want to save more money for future use.

The poll was conducted in all the regions in the country, formerly referred to as provinces.


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