Initially, I struggled a lot trying to understand the American accent as I could not get the instructions given by the dispatcher, says Njuguna Muchaba, who left Kenya for the US in 2003 and now lives in Alabama with his wife and three kids.

“Nimahingagira ciugo muno, (they muffle their words a lot),” he says.

Mr Muchaba says that even before he left Kenya, he was clear in his mind that he wanted to be a truck driver as soon as he landed in the US.

And his dream came true as he now owns his business and drives his own 18 wheeler truck.
In a candid interview with Kikuyu Diaspora TV,  Muchaba tells of how successful he has become and opens up about the challenges facing most truck drivers in US.

“I consider it a calling and I have been able to accomplish a lot as a truck driver,” he says.

“You have to love the job and be ready to be away from your family for extended periods of time. The money is good although just like in any other field, you may not make a whole lot as a new driver,” he told Jeremy Damaris of KDTV.

“Anyone who may need help in regard to trucking can contact me directly using my phone number,” says Mr Muchaba. We even have a Whatsaap group with members from all over the United States.

To hear his story, learn  what is required to be a Trucker in the US and a lot more, here is the video courtesy of Kikuyu Diaspora TV:

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