Just a day after duniatimes.com  reported that a Kenyan man admitted at an Assisted Living Facility in Wayne, New Jersey, had not seen a visitor for two years, the nephew of Bernard Mumo showed up at the Atrium Post Acute Care of Wayneview  accompanied by another relative.

It was joy as the two hugged Mr Mumo  and posed for photos at the center. And although Mr Mumo remained expressionless, his love and appreciation could be vicariously felt in the room.

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Thereafter, friends of Mr Mumo who learnt of his situation through the social media, continued to visit him at the assisted living center.

Bernard, who is confined to a wheelchair, suffered both physical and mental injuries from a car accident and as a result,  has very limited memory. Other than his name and the fact that he is Kenyan/Kamba, he does not recall anything else about himself or anyone else.

A friend of Mumo who had sought anonymity told duniatimes.com that Bernard used to be a photographer in the New Jersey and New York area in the 1980s and 1990s.

Kenyans around the world have expressed empathy through the social media and requested their compatriots close to the center to visit the ailing man, regardless of whether they know him or not.

Anyone else who may wish to pay Bernard a visit at the facility and cheer him up is requested to call +1 973-305-8400 or +1 973-277-8752. You can also get in touch with Jack Kilonzo through his facebook account .

Atrium Post Acute Care of Wayneview is located at 2020 Route 23 North, Wayne, New Jersey 07470.

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