Women should not urinate before sex- Medics warn

4 days ago Dunia Times Reporter 0
By ALLAN TAWAI A study by experts reveal women should not urinate before sex to reduce the risk of developing a urinary tract infection (UTI). New York City urologist David Kaufman explained the idea females should pee before intercourse is one of the biggest misconceptions he has to address with patients in his clinic. He stresses Read More

Kenyan gospel singer planning to buy a plane

6 days ago Dunia Times Reporter 0
By ALLAN TAWAI Gospel musician Ringtone Apoko seems to have kicked off the year 2018 on a positive note after revealing his plans of buying an aeroplane. The controversial singer announced that he wants to purchase a second-hand aeroplane that will be aiding his movements across the county. Going by his Instagram post, the Tenda Read More

Davido buys a super car after making half a billion in one night

6 days ago Dunia Times Reporter 0
By ALLAN TAWAI A Nigerian superstar Davido ushered in the New Year in style by treating himself to a sleek brand new 2018 Bentley, worth a whopping KSh24 million on January 9. The musician rewarded himself after a successful concert on December 27 last year which saw the hit-maker earn a mouthwatering 500 million Naira. Read More

Governors snubbing summons to be arrested

6 days ago Dunia Times Reporter 0
By ALLAN TAWAI Kenyan Governors who defy summons to respond to county matters under probe will soon be arrested and arraigned in court. This is after Senate watchdog committee said it will enact a law allowing senators to issue warrants of arrest to the insolent governors. According to Senate Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Chairman Moses Read More

Painkiller causes infertility among men- study

6 days ago Dunia Times Reporter 0
By ALLAN TAWAI A new study has found that numerous intake of ibuprofen painkiller may lead to unproductiveness among men. The study, conducted by a group of Danish and French scientists, was carried out following concerns over declining male reproductive health. It showed that the pain reliever affects the hormonal balance in adult men. The Read More

Saudi Arabia finally allows women to attend football matches

1 week ago Dunia Times Reporter 0
SUMMARY Saudi Arabia is one of the respected Islamic countries in the world that take the Sharia law seriously. Under the Islamic law, Saudi women are not allowed to mix with men in the public at all costs. However, on January 6, women were allowed to enter the national stadium   By ALLAN TAWAI  For Read More

Ugandan butchers preserving meat with chemical used in morgues

1 week ago Dunia Times Reporter 0
  SUMMARY Ugandan butchers are using chemical preservatives to make meat look fresh and juicy. The main chemicals discovered in this new business fiddle are formalin used to preserve corpses and Sodium Metabisulphite used to redden meat. The chemicals present health risks that cause damage to the body, induce cancer and respiratory problems   By Read More
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