• Executives reveal biggest risks to business in Kenya November 13, 2018
    Unemployment cited as posing biggest challenge turning spotlight on skills gap.
  • 14 shortlisted for EACC boss job November 13, 2018
    Investigative agencies’ insiders dominate the list of candidates shortlisted for the position of the anti-graft body’s chief executive officer which falls vacant in January.
  • Kenya’s imports, exports gap up to Sh860.87bn November 13, 2018
    Kenya’s gap between imports and exports rose to Sh860.87 billion in the nine months ended September compared with Sh852.34 billion in the same period last year, the statistics office says.
  • Uhuru goes against law to hand schools back to churches November 13, 2018
    President Uhuru Kenyatta has directed Education ministry to restore ownership of schools built by churches back to the faith-owned organisations in an order that contradicts the law.
  • How State set maize price at Sh2,300 November 13, 2018
    Details of a research that prompted the government to cut the prices of buying maize from farmers by a third to Sh2,300 were made public in Parliament on Tuesday.
  • City Hall to hire 800 more askaris November 13, 2018
    City Hall will recruit 800 additional officers (askaris) to beef up the enforcement of by-laws in the capital.
  • Crude for early oil export at 15pc November 13, 2018
    Kenya has accumulated just 15 per cent of the targeted volumes of crude oil needed to start exports under the early oil pilot scheme.
  • KRA, Lewa Conservancy row over Sh88m park fee tax November 13, 2018
    Lewa Conservancy is battling Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) over the taxation of the park entry fees.
  • Battle for control of Moi’s Press office escalates November 13, 2018
    A legal storm is brewing after the High Court in Nakuru directed that a defamation case pitting former President Daniel arap Moi’s press secretary Lee Njiru and personal secretary John Lokorio will pr …
  • Missing vouchers spark row in NYS case November 13, 2018
    The push to attach two missing vouchers used to pay millions of shillings to a little-known family in the National Youth Service (NYS) theft trial has sparked a row between the prosecution and defence …

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