VIDEO: May God be with you



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  1. Wanjugu The Global Citizen July 12, 2017 said: reply

    Andū aitū maūndū ma wīra wa Ngai, makinyīta haha atīa? I pray that God give you all wisdom to resolve this situation, na wendo wa Mūthamaki Mūnene!! 💖

  2. David Ikanyi July 12, 2017 said: reply

    The Church is the Saint Stephens American Anglican Church Lowell. The video was not sent to the social media before it was seen by the Pastor. It was recorded in his whatsapp page and was meant for him. When he ignored it, I sought some opinion from some friends who leaked it to the social media. The rest of the interpretation is accurate and I have no regrets about it going viral. I had served as the chairman in that Church and I am actually the one who interviewed and hired that Pastor who now behaves like he owns the Church.

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