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VIDEO: Colorful wedding for Diaspora couple held in Kenya Uncategorized

BY ESTHER WANJOHI Our wedding brought many people together. Professor Cuthbert traveled from Kansas City MO to attend our May 20, 2017 wedding in Nairobi Kenya! As preparation to my current doctoral program, Professor Cuthbert taught me a subject known as “Futuring” which I think should be taught to everyone. “Futuring” is an attempt to make accurate predictions of what the future may hold. According to Edward Cornish (2004), there are now proven-techniques for exploring the future. Among the skills that can be acquired and used in Futuring is Foresight because it enables us to discern and anticipate risks and…

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Some cringe, others applaud cops after shooting death of a 23 year old Kenyan in Atlanta News

The killing of a 23 year old Atlanta-based Kenyan man whom the police say was being tracked by the anti-narcotic unit since 2013 has left the Kenyan community in the metro Atlanta area and around the US with more questions than answers and elicited a heated debate on the social media. Whereas some condemn suspected drug related crimes, others say they don’t wholly buy the story by the sheriff’s office as dead men tell no tales. Some even suspect that race was a key factor in the shooting death of the young man. In the meantime, Following the untimely death…

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