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HONEST EULOGY: Kenyan family calls departed son the worst thief that ever lived Standard

You know how when someone passes on, their eulogy is full of nice words and praises about their life even though they were not really the best person in the community? Well not for this family which has decided to call a spade a spade. Source: A Meru man, who was killed by a mob for stealing got the worst eulogy in his remembrance. As true as all they expressed might have been, that’s a bit harsh, don’t you think? Source: Tuko They called him out on all the things he used to do and even quoted a Bible verse…

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VIDEO: Kenyan woman who featured in porn movie and tried to kill herself now speaks out Standard

This is the triumphant story of Catherine Njeri whose life took a wrong turn after being raped by a fellow student in the University of Nairobi. She later made wrong decisions, including featuring in a Kenyan adult film and attempting to take her life severally. She has, however, moved past the tribulations and is now a motivational speaker.   23,987 total views, 8 views today

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VIDEO: Shock as man plays guitar while doctors perform brain surgery on him Standard

An Indian musician played the guitar on the operating table to help doctors treat involuntary muscle spasms in his fingers. Abhishek Prasad was asked to play every time doctors “burnt” a circuit in his brain to treat what is commonly known as “musician’s dystonia”. The condition causes painful spasms, twisting and repetitive movements or abnormal postures. Mr Prasad said that he was able to play with ease after the surgery. “By the sixth burn, my fingers opened up. I was normal on the operating table itself,” Mr Prasad said after doctors removed the stitches on his head on Thursday, a…

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VIDEO: Another high profile Kenyan, former powerful minister Nicholas Biwott dies Standard

Leaders from all political divides have mourned the death of former minister Nicholas Biwott, who passed on today. Led by President Uhuru Kenyatta, the leaders described Biwott as a dedicated civil servant who spent his life selflessly serving the nation in various capacities. President Uhuru, in his message of condolence, said the diligence and intelligence of the ex-minister saw him shine during his tenure in the government.  “These are the qualities that he put at the disposal of the Presidents he served, and of his countrymen. They were balanced by his private warmth, his wit, his attention to detail, and his love of…

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VIDEO AND MULTIPLE PHOTOS: A Colorful Diaspora wedding held in Kenya Standard

BY ESTHER WANJOHI Our wedding brought many people together. Professor Cuthbert traveled from Kansas City MO to attend our May 20, 2017 wedding in Nairobi Kenya! As preparation to my current doctoral program, Professor Cuthbert taught me a subject known as “Futuring” which I think should be taught to everyone. “Futuring” is an attempt to make accurate predictions of what the future may hold. According to Edward Cornish (2004), there are now proven-techniques for exploring the future. Among the skills that can be acquired and used in Futuring is Foresight because it enables us to discern and anticipate risks and…

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